Social progress

Involved in social progress

aqualia fulfils its role as a corporate citizen in full, and plans to use its role as a company dedicated to integral water management in matters of interest to the community, thus contributing to social progress. To do this, it participates in institutions and initiatives that address priority aspects as the social and environmental component of water management.

Examples of this collaboration include:

  • Collaboration with the Prospective Study on the Environment and Public Services of OPTI (Observatorio de Prospectiva Tecnológica Industrial), commissioned by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and for the development of the Spanish Observatory for Innovation and Knowledge.
  • aqualia is also part of the board and scientific council of IMDEA Agua, a foundation formed by the Autonomous Region of Madrid with a view to research and innovation in the water sector. One of its main missions is to train scientists and professionals via the organisation of, and collaboration in, PhD programs, Masters programs and various other courses.
  •  When it comes to access to water in Latin America, it is also involved in the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation. aqualia is a member of the advisory council to this fund designed to assist member countries of Spanish Cooperation in Latin America in their progress towards the realisation of Goal 3 of MDG no. 7: to reduce by half the proportion of persons without access to potable water and basic sanitation services by 2015.