Security of supply

aqualia's main objective is to ensure the provision of the best possible water quality in sufficient quantities.

aqualia has a Strategic Quality Plan designed to provide clients with a service of the highest standard as efficiently as possible. This plan contains a series of follow-up indicators that come under one of four categories: the quality of water supplied and treated, quality of service, technical performance of the network and the level of customer service.

A commitment to quality that translates into a series of working methods that allow aqualia to comply with regulations and controls established by the authorities in relation to this activity. One example of this is the fact that 93.53% of aqualia installations are certified according to ISO 9001-2000.

aquaLab, the water analysis laboratories of aqualia, play a fundamental role in the monitoring and control of water quality. These laboratories guarantee the quality of water supplied by testing it each year through more than 720,000 potable water tests and 102,000 waste water tests each year. All laboratories have UNE-EN- ISO 17025 accreditation.

Furthermore, as is the case with all other agents involved in the supply of water for human consumption in Spain, aqualia must provide information on water management to the System of National Information for Domestic Water (SINAC), which is part of the Ministry for Health, Social Policy and Equality. The objective of this system is to have access to information on infrastructure for the collection, treatment and supply of water, water quality control laboratories, etc. In this way, potential breaches and risks to the population derived from the consumption of water for human consumption can be detected, providing the public with basic information on areas being supplied and the quality of water in these areas.

Thus, the public has access to public information on quality controls and parameters on the SINAC website ( and on local websites in areas where aqualia provides services (also available at SINAC has a number of work groups; one of these is led by aqualia. This work group is charged with improving the transparency of information on water quality for consumers.

Potable water quality 2009* 2010* 2011*
Number of determinations in production 597.314 446.023 467.734
Number of determinations in nonconforming production 2.517 1.473 896
Percentage of non-conformities 0,42% 0,33%  0,19% 
Number of determinations in potable water distributed  474.647  721.381 888.724 
Number of determinations in drinking water nonconforming distributed  4.408  2.025  1.561
Percentage of non-conformities  0,93%  0,28%  0,18%

* aqualia Spain.