Design and construction of water infrastructure

A benchmark in the sector around the world

The design, technology and construction of plants for the treatment of potable and waste water and desalination, which aqualia performs through its subsidiary aqualia infraestructuras, which specialises in the design and construction of potable water treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, water reuse plants and desalination plants.

Urban waste water: Design and construction of waste water treatment plants, for mainly domestic waste. Drinking water: Design and and construction of drinking water treatment plants, using a large variety of technologies, depending on the initial eater quality. Desalination: Design and construction of sea and brackish water treatment plants. Reuse: Design and construction od tertiary treatment plants for waste water

Due to its structure, technological development and experience in project management and excellent quality of service, aqualia infraestructuras is considered a benchmark in the sector around the world. Its has reference projects across Spain and in countries such as Algeria, Egypt, the Czech Republic and Mexico.

Its capacity and flexibility allow aqualia infraestructuras to provide solutions from the beginning to the end of a project:

Design aqualia infraestructuras’ engineering department designs and develops the water treatment plant required for each situation. Its ongoing investment in R+D+I means that the firm can provide innovative solutions.
Control of environmental management aqualia infraestructuras has an organisation that guarantees the execution of facilities planned coordinated by experts in planning, team management and quality management in accordance with ISO 9001, as well as environmental management through ISO 14001.
Start-up of facilities Most projects include start-up and functional and operating tests for as long as is required to confirm that they have achieved the standards stipulated by the client and legislation.